Fyne Court

Fyne Court is a National Trust garden that seems to be ‘under renovation’. There is work being done in a few places in the gardens. There is a cost for parking, but no further cost for going round the gardens.

Pond at Fyne Court
The Pond at Fyne Court

The first place Bertram saw was a pond. It was peaceful, but not very inviting. It could easily be a nature reserve as it was quite clearly ‘left to nature’.

The rail had carved on it named examples of wildlife that you might observe if you sat on the bench for a very long time and kept very still. Bertram didn’t have time and it was too cold to do that so he didn’t see an wildlife.

next was what was probably the walled vegetable garden. With a little work this could have been made to be inviting, if only by keeping the grass moved.

In later picture we will see that the original owners had not thought to level the ground here and so drainage it may have been a problem for the gardeners. The pond is just the other side of the lower wall and so there was likely no problem with watering the garden.

Vegetable Garden
Walled vegetable garden
Exit from the garden
Leaving the walled garden

Leaving the walled garden was fine for Bertram, but not so easy on a motorised buggy. Bertram had to help push to give the motor some oomph to get round the sharp bend.

The garden did have a few routes signpost specifically for buggies. However, people that have to be supported by the use of buggies want to get around just as much as the rest of us. There were places that only some of our group were able to get, but the rest went back to the buildings for a cup of something instead.

From the higher vantage point the slope on the garden can be better observed.

It is also possible to make out that the higher part (on the left of the picture) has been fenced off and is still very overgrown.

Looking over the walled garden
Looking over the walled garden