We visited Honiton early on in our visit to Somerset, mainly so that one of the staff could post a letter. However, it was an opportunity to drop into a Costa for a quick drink.

Bernard views Honiton Map
Bernard views the Honiton map

Honiton provide a useful map to help new visitors find out that practically all the places of interest are on the High Street.

The map shows all the car parks, which would be very useful if it wasn’t placed well into a car park on the way out for pedestrians to the shops. It is useful if you remember where the car parks were located when you visit next time, which in Bertram’s case is likely to be a long time off.

Honiton is known for its historical skill in lace making and it has a museum tucked away just off the High Street.

Bertram was more interested in Costa.

Costa ma be known for coffee, but Bertram rarely drinks coffee as it is an addictive drug, and constant imbibing slows the drinkers reaction down. Bertram needs to keep his lighting fast reactions and doesn’t want to impair his thinking ability.

This is Bertram’s hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. The marshmallows could have been the mini variety which melt better in the drink, but they weren’t. They were massive and Bertram had problems getting one in his mouth whole.

Bertram's hot chocolate
Bertram’s hot chocolate
Waiting in Honiton
Waiting in Honiton
Waiting in Honotin
Waiting in Honotin

While waiting for staff to finish some shopping for supplies Bertram took the opportunity for another photo.