Bertram visited Street in order to obtain sustenance and revive himself after his strenuous exertions at Glastonbury. He arrived at about 5.45pm at a car park by a large retail outlet called Clarks Village. This was a brisk 900m (or a bit more than half a mile) from the Thai Elephant restaurant through the whole of the Outlet to the High Street and then along that out of town.

Restaurant Chairs
Bertram admires the restaurant chairs

One of my staff had dined here before and inquired over the mobile phone from Glastonbury about availability and opening times. They were told it was necessary to book, which we did. Our time was 6.30.

We arrived and found the place empty and expected a big rush later. By the time we left it hadn’t started (not surprising as it was a Wednesday after all.)

After admiring the beautiful chair backs Bertram admired the table decorations. Normally that would mean something on the table, but ion this case the table top was intricately carved with dragons in what might be called bas relief, In order to be able to place plates onto the table the whole top was covered with a sheet of glass.

Very effective and gave a few minutes of interest while waiting for the food.

Table decoration
Bertram admiring the table decoration
Thai food
Bertram sampling Thai food

The menu was extensive and Bertram had to take advice on which dishes he would like. Eventually, it was settled on having a range of dishes to share with mild to hot.

Bertram isn’t able to show you the excellent dishes that he sampled. They were so good that he tucked in before he thought of documenting the spread.

He can tell you that the dish with the spoon on his right was hot and tasty. The basket at the back is still full of crackers which had two different flavours.

During the meal a mild disturbance occurred at the far end of the restaurant. One person in a party of three decided to make a fuss to obtain a free meal, it was clear that they had no real case to offer. Bertram does not think humans that act like this are very good representations of their race. He thinks that schools should be spending more effort teaching good manners and behaviour. Bertram was ready to go down and help, but he could see that the proprietor was handling it very well.

This did not affect Bertram’s enjoyment and he recommends the establishment to anyone with a taste for Thai curries.