Inside rooms


Arm chair by patio
Brandi and Bertram resting in the lounge

Bertram did not spend much time in the lounge, preferring the sun lounge.

However the lounge was decorated in the same dainty comfortable style as the rest of the house.

Behind the curtains is the patio and by adjustment of the chairs you would be able to watch the bird feed in the apple tree.

You can see the bookcase with a range of interesting books and novels. That is not to say that novels are not interesting, but Bertram prefers to read books about things that increase my knowledge and only I read novels occasionally when I want to relax my brain from a hard days thinking.

In the opposite corner to the armchair in the picture above there was a TV.

Bertram does not have a TV for reasons he has stated elsewhere, but he thinks that it was a reasonable one. There was a DVD player and an eclectic collection of DVDs, but none matching my refined taste.

You can see Brandi and me chatting to our friend, Penrose, who also came with us.

TV in lounge
TV in the lounge

In front of the TV is a tiger that apparently lived in the TV cabinet. We chatted, but did not have a lot in common apart from a mutual admiration of his domicile (the house, not the TV cabinet).


Dining room
Dining room from outside

I didn’t take photos inside the dining room as when I was inside I was generally more occupied with eating.

However, in the distance you can see the kitchen at the far end, with the sun lounge behind that.

As a bonus you can see a reflection of the garden on the right side

The birds of prey stickers are probably to prevent the finches and tits flying into the window.

Well, the picture is actually not of Bertram’s bedroom, but one very similar. Mine was a mirror image. I could have cheated and used Gimp (no Photoshop for Bertram as he is a Linux Giraffe, and avoids Microsoft when he can). But Bertram is dedicated to telling his fans the truth, pure and simple.

Bertram's Bedroom
Bertram’s bedroom from outside
GIraffes in bed
Bertram and Brandi ready for the night

These are really taken in Bertram’s bedroom.

Bertram reading
Bertram reading before sleep