Gorge Walk

Cheddar Gorge Tower
Viewing Tower

Having walked around and arrived at the top about 100 yards away from Jacob’s Ladder, I came upon this viewing platform at the top of a tower that I would estimate was over 30 feet above the ground. It topped the trees and so had fantastic views in all directions.

Platform View
View in the direction over the village
Platform towards the Gorge
View towards the Gorge from the platform.

You notice that there are a lot of bars. Unfortunately they were wider than Bertram and there was a great danger that he would slip through. Bertram was not keen on that. The platform was only about two feet wide up there and it was fairly windy. My photographer has vertigo and was on their hands and knees for some of the time (most of the time actually) as while I would probably have survived the fall the phone/camera would not have done so.

The person that you can see further along the top of the Gorge is near the path that leads left to Jacob’s Ladder. The path at the top leads further along the Gorge.

You may have wondered where Brandi is when I am exploring. She is nearly always nearby. You can see her in the photo I took from the viewing platform if you have a microscope. She is with the person that you can see. Brandi travels safely in comfort, while I brave the elements.

Brandi Travels
How Brandi Travels
View down from Platform
The view down from the platform

Bertram went rock climbing in order to obtain the best view of the steep sides of the Gorge and the bottom that was so far down.

Viewing the Gorge from a rock
Rock climbing
Bertram reaches the top
A great view
The Gorge
The Gorge
Another view of the Gorge
The Gorge Again
Goats on the Gorge
Goats on the Gorge edge
Watching a goat
Bertram watches the goat

From the top of the Gorge there are spots where you can see Glastonbury Tor. I managed to find a spot like that and you can see the distinctive shape of the Tor in the background 10 miles away.

Later I visited the Tor and wanted to take a similar picture from there of the Gorge.

Back to the Gorge floor
The entrance/exit to Jacob’s Ladder

After a long walk Bertram was relieved to be able to go back to the Gorge floor by the way of the 274 steps of Jacob’s Ladder.

From here Bertram went on the find the Lion Rock and to see if it lived up to its description.

You can see more of what I did in Cheddar here

Glastonbury Tor
Viewing Glastonbury Tor