I stayed at a really good cottage near Churchstanton and Churchinford. By the way, I couldn’t find a church or a ford in Churchinford, let alone a church ‘in’ a ford or even ‘by’ one. I could see a Ford farm, but again – no ford. There possibly was one once as there is a stream in the general vicinity. I found a ‘Church Road’ and followed it in the expectation of finding a church. after passing the cricket club and a total of nearly 2 miles from the start I found St.Peter’s and St.Paul’s Churchstanton, so the didn’t think they were in Churchinford either despite being on the ‘Church Road’ out of it. The church didn’t seem to be in Churchstanton either as apart from a Churchstanton Primary School about a mile south of it I couldn’t see anything else that could be called Churchstanton. I concluded that it must be the name of the general area and not a village. Humans are very strange creatures.

What did Bertram, who has very high standards, find to put the cottage into the ‘really good’ category I hear you ask. Well, in no particular order: there was a games room with a pool table that could be replaced by a table tennis table. The place had a window in the dining area where Bertram could watch birds, mainly finches and tits, take nuts from feeders hanging from an apple tree. A sun-lounge with comfy settees for lounging in and writing my blog pages. A large kitchen area where humans could prepare Bertram’s meals and enjoy lots of much needed exercise while doing it. Lots of grassy area surrounding the place and a high dense hedge that kept the noise of the nearby road from impinging on Bertram’s power naps.

Every room had a TV except the bathroom, with shower over the bath. Why not I wonder? Humans seem to need to watch it everywhere else – probably only their fear of electrocution holds them back. Bertram is far too cultured to have turned an TV on as he has too many important things to be thinking about to let his brain get mushed by the low-level trash that he has heard the ‘goggle-box’ supplies to passive couch potatoes. I am sure this would be counted as a thoughtful provision by the owners for many of the less intelligent humans who holiday here.

While domiciled in Somerset Bertram visited a few places I found to be very interesting such as: Cheddar Gorge, Glastonbury Abbey and the Tor, and Fyne Court. I also visited a few places of refreshment. You can find out about all these in the other pages.